AC Milan vs Atalanta Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Serie A

AC Milan vs Atalanta Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Serie A
    AC Milan vs Atalanta Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Serie A. The game "Milan" in the course of this season does not cease to cause a lot of questions, not at all such indicators were expected from the Rossoneri leadership and fans. What can we expect from the upcoming duel with Atalanta?


    A lot of expected from the "Milan" before this season. The arrival of Chinese investors and the huge transfer costs promised to help in the struggle for the long-awaited Scudetto. But in fact everything turned out exactly the opposite. Cope with a large number of newcomers Vinzenso Monetella could not, since the start of the season the Rossoneri game was not impressive. In the end, this led to the resignation of a specialist, in the role of fireman is now acting Gennaro Gattuso.

    Evaluate his work is not easy, but immediately give the desired result, Reno failed. Yes, there were home successes with "Bologna" (2: 1) and in the Cup with "Verona" (3: 0), but what only cost 2: 2 from "Benevento" away, where in the last seconds scores the goalkeeper of the opponent, or failure with the Veronese in the last round, when "Milan" received a response 0: 3 on "Bentegodi."

    The subtotal is the eighth place in three points from the zone of the League of Europe. Of the losses - will not play with the "Atalanta" disqualified Suso and Romagnoli, injured Mauri, not in the ranks of Palletta, Conti and Kalinich


    Shot last season, "Atalanta" for a long time came to herself, playing on two fronts in the Serie and the Europa League. The results of the bergamaks were not very impressive, but now a small spurt of the trustees of Gianpiero Gaperni was a success. After losing at the home team "Inter" (0: 2), the team scores four points in a row. In this segment, the "queen of the provincials" defeated "Benevento" and "Genoa", and also divided points from "Torino" (1: 1) and "Lazio" (3: 3).

    In the table this led to a rise to the seventh place and the neighborhood with Milan. If we take the game of Bergamaks in the section of guest matches, then the recent victory in Genoa is so far the only one, and it is the unimportant exit model, which brought only six points in eight games, is the reason for the unsuccessful start. But at the same time, without the heads from foreign fields the team left only once in the season.

    The loss before the match at "Atalanta" is almost none, in question only defender Palomino

    AC Milan vs Atalanta 0:2

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