Ahmed Shafik in his way From UAE to Egypt

Ahmed Shafik in his way From UAE to Egypt
    Ahmed Shafik in his way From UAE to Egypt
    Ahmed Shafik in the way .. Reuters announces his arrest in the UAE and his deportation to Egypt .. And his assistants to the "French": Officials took him to a private plane to return to Cairo .. Sources reveal: Brotherhood orders to silence his support until the start of presidential elections

    A few hours and the full truth of the controversy raised by the team Ahmed Shafiq during the past few days, after he appeared on Al Jazeera in a recorded speech accused the UAE of preventing him from traveling.

    On Saturday, a source close to his family told Reuters that he had been arrested from his home in the United Arab Emirates and was being deported to Cairo, days after announcing his intention to run for the 2018 Egyptian presidential election.

    Officials in the UAE did not comment immediately, but a well-informed Gulf source said: "Shafiq has asked the public to go to Egypt and his wish will be realized." His daughter could not be reached for comment. .

    On Wednesday, Shafiq, a former Air Force commander and another former prime minister under President Hosni Mubarak, said in a surprise announcement from his UAE that he would run for next year's presidential election.

    His aides reveal the moment he was arrested by the French agency

    On the other hand, published the French news agency, reported that the UAE officials, today, Saturday, Ahmed Shafiq, from his home in Abu Dhabi, to be deported to Cairo, according to two of his aides, while said one of his aides in a telephone conversation with the agency "France Press, "she saw UAE officials arrive home, who told her that" Shafiq ", will be deported to Egypt on a private plane.

    The daughter of former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq announced Friday that her father plans to return to Egypt in the coming weeks after Shafiq announced this week from the United Arab Emirates that he intends to run for president.

    Mei told Reuters on Friday that he was preparing to leave the UAE to Europe and the United States first to hold meetings with Egyptian communities, saying that he would then go to Egypt to start his campaign, "noting that her father has now received assurances that he can travel freely, and Determines who made the assertions.

    The Brotherhood orders its cadres to remain silent until the elections begin

    On the other hand, sources revealed that the Brotherhood gave its cadres silent orders to support him until the start of the presidential elections and to show his neutrality in public, after the group appeared on Al-Jazeera channel, the media arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, and considered the leaders of the Brotherhood and allies of the group that "Shafiq" , Announcing their support for him in the upcoming presidential elections.

    "The youth of the group will support Shafiq during the coming elections," he said, stressing that "the upcoming elections should be invested well," he said. And the alliance with any candidate stands in the face of Sisi, especially that Shafiq strongly supported by some countries, and has his men within the state.
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