Al-Nasr vs Al-Faisaly Live Stream online Today 14 -12- 2017 Saudi Arabia Professional League
Al-Nasr vs Al-Faisaly Live Stream online Today 14 -12- 2017 Saudi Arabia Professional League. Al Nasr Al Faisali will host the 14th round of the Saudi Premier League. Al-Alawi will enter the match, injured from his loss in the 13th week against Al-Qadisiya (3-2). 

The defeat is the first defeat by Al-Hilal. ), Thus stopping the balance of knights of Najd at point 23 and moved further from the forefront, and the continental will seek to get out quickly of this shock by a win over Annabi back to the path of victories.

On the other hand, Al-Sudairi beat Al-Shabab in the last round of Abdul Latif Jameel (1-0) to raise his point to 22 points, which means that the difference between him and Al-Asfar is one point, which indicates a strong confrontation between the two teams.

Al-Faisaly has never lost a victory in the Saudi professional league, where the two teams face 15 times in the competition before, won the World by 8, and tied in 7.
The number of goals witnessed in these clashes is 60, the continental record 28 of them, and scored by Annabi Sudair 12.

The visitors are hoping to win four consecutive away games for the first time in their league history - winning their last 3 outings at home, then opening and then young.

Fares Najd scored his last 19 league games - his second longest streak in the competition after a series of 30 games that ended in November 2014.

Al-Faisaly lost only once this season in the Saudi Professional League (P4T1) and only twice in the last 10 between the current season and the past (P6T3).

His goal in the last round against Al Qadisiyah, Mohamed Al Sahlawi returned to lead the scorer with seven goals, after Leonardo scored with his sixth personal goal in the match Al-Batin, which preceded the confrontation of Faris East.

Islam Serraj scored five goals from Anabi Sudair out of the last nine in the Saudi Professional League (record 4 made 1).

Al-Nasr vs Al-Faisaly 1:1

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