Ani Lorak was on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Ani Lorak was on the verge of a nervous breakdown
    Ani Lorak was on the verge of a nervous breakdown
    Ani Lorak released a video for the song "New Former". In the video, Ani Lorak plays the heroine, who decides to record the once beloved man in the former.

    Video filmed in October, work on the script took a month. According to the plot, the main heroine parted with her beloved man and experiences the situation from the inside. The heroine Ani Lorak does not like hysteria, does not call the former in the hope of finding out the relationship again.

    On the set of Lorak, it was necessary to show the whole range of feelings that a woman experiences during parting.

    The color palette of the clip is quite rich: Lorak appears in the frame in blue, purple, red suits. White is also present: as a sign that a new story is coming, from a clean slate. Plus, graphics and curious special effects, without which not a single clip of Badoeva. On the set, the singer had to lie in the bathroom with water, climb to a height of several meters and at the same time keep the mood of her heroine.

    According to Ani Lorak, their work with Alan Badoev is always built according to the following scenario: the singer sends the director a song, but until the last one does not know what the story will turn out. "Alan comments on something, but a lot is born in the process of filming," the singer says. "There is a script, yes, but Alan adds something of his own, which eventually creates a style, a mood." What makes the story complete. the energy that charges everyone around, I adore Alan, we are of the same blood. "

    "Ani Lorak had to convincingly play several images at once, she changed her clothes and changed the character of her heroines, repeating" you are now my new ex. "On the one hand, it was tiring for her, on the other - we made the story dynamic and exciting. and you do not know what will happen in the next shot, in any case, we wanted to achieve this effect, "Alan Badoev said.

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