Aswan hotel occupancy rate reaches 80% in Christmas holidays
Khairi Mohammed, Chairman of the Sub-Chamber of Tourism Companies in Aswan, said that there is a tourist boom witnessed in Aswan Governorate, coinciding with the Christmas and New Year celebrations this year. 

He pointed out that the rates of occupancy of tourists in hotels exceeded 80%, pointing out that there is a high demand from all foreign nationalities for their holidays South of Upper Egypt.

"The reservations of the current winter season are witnessing an unprecedented tourist boom, which has contributed to an increase in inflows to Luxor and Aswan," said the head of the tourism services sub-room in Aswan. 

"We started to see tourists shopping for gifts and pittams on the Nile Corniche in Aswan." Tourism and the tourist movement has receded and all workers have been affected by the scarcity of tourists.

He added that the stability of the country's political and security situation, and external tours, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, contributed to improving the mental image of Egypt abroad, which has had a great impact to push the tourism movement to the Upper Egypt this year especially from promising markets such as the Chinese, Indian, American and German markets.

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