Atalanta vs Lazio Live Stream online Today 17 -12- 2017 Italy Serie A
"Lazio" in the last games did not look too convincing and already quite seriously let the competitors in the fight for the Champions League. Will the "eagles" get together and achieve a positive result in the match against "Atalanta"?


Beramaschi is not very confident in the first round and so far from last year's success with hitting the European Cup. At the moment, "Atalanta" is on the eighth position, and the loss to the opening six "Sampdoria" is four points, in addition, the opponent has a game in reserve. Rivals in recent years were not the most serious, for three rounds the scores were lost only with the "Torino" (1: 1), "Genoa" (2: 1) and "Benevento" (1: 0) were beaten.


Latsiale after a great start a little slowed down. If for the first ten rounds the "eagles" had only one defeat, then for the last five bouts they were added immediately by two - from "Roma" (1: 2) in the derby and at home with "Torino" (1: 3). Also on this stretch was unable to cope with the "Fiorentina" (1: 1). The situation of the team Simone Inzaghi has now deteriorated somewhat - the loss to "Roma" and "Juventus" is six points, but there is still a game in reserve over the top three and the Romans.

Atalanta vs Lazio 3:3

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