Burnley vs Tottenham Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Premier League

Burnley vs Tottenham Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Premier League
    Burnley vs Tottenham Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Premier League
    Burnley vs Tottenham Live Streaming online Today 23 -12 - 2017 Premier League. The duel between "Burnley" and "Tottenham" promises to be one of the most intriguing on the tour. No matter how, and there are two candidates for a place in the first four. 

    And if for the "spurs" the struggle for the first lines is already the usual thing, then for the "burgundy" it is a great achievement. Will the winner be determined in this meeting? Read in our forecast.


    "Burnley" is coming to this fight at an unusual sixth place in the championship. The team of Sean Daich is behind the fourth "Liverpool" by two points, and one ahead of his future opponent, "Tottenham". Few expected that the "burgundy" so exactly draw the first round.

    In the past season, "Burnley" proved to be a great fighter in the home arena, where the team could rarely beat. Now, Daich managed to establish a game and on the road, which in the end paid off. 

    Of course, by the level of the composition of "Burnley" inferior to the top clubs, but in the dedication and order is unlikely. For the passed segment of the season, "Burnley" lost just four fights. Only "Manchester City" team lost with a crushing 0: 3 score. The rest of the defeat was minimal. With a score of 0-1, Burnley lost to Arsenal, Leicester and West Brom.

    It should be noted that the team won Shona Daich, too, often thanks to one goal scored. So, in the nine previous rounds, "Burnley" won six wins, which speaks about the excellent game form of the team, and four of them were with a score of 1: 0. It should be noted that during this period, "burgundy" was not allowed in six fights. 

    The defense at Burnley is one of the best in the Premier League. The team missed only 12 goals, no one missed.

    "Burnley does not play a number of base players. James Tarkowski because of the disqualification. In the infirmary, Stephen Ward, Robbie Brady, Tom Heaton and Jonathan Walters.

    Tottenham Hotspur

    "Tottenham" in the last round on all counts lost on a visit to "Manchester City" 1: 4, as we expected, which again confirms about the best game form of the team. Certainly, the victories in the previous rounds of the house over Brighton 2: 0 and Stoke City 5: 1, had a good action movie. But it did not work out. In general, the situation is not in favor of the London club. 

    For the nine previous rounds, Mauricio Pochettino's team added to the asset, in addition to the above victorious fights, the success in the match with the "Crystal Palace" 1: 0, and also at home. At the same exit, "Tottenham" can not win five matches in a row. In addition to the MC, the "spurs" lost 1: 2 to Leicester, 0-2 to Arsenal and 0-1 from Manchester United. The only score for this period was earned in the game with "Watford" - 1: 1.

    The tournament situation forces Tottenham to play to win. They are in seventh place, behind the first four by three points.

    Losses in the London club are not particularly serious. In the infirmary, only Toby Alderweireld and Victor Wanyama.

    Burnley vs Tottenham 0:3

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