Cosmetic errors make you older in the long term
Many ladies believe that when they use cosmetics, they make them more attractive and highlight their beauty, but over-longing it makes them appear more than their natural age.

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British, there are aesthetic errors make women look older:

1 - Use of "makeup" Anonymous source The use of cheap cosmetics and not consult a doctor or a cosmetic expert, causing severe damage to the skin and lead to repeated use of the appearance of wrinkles.

2 - Use cosmetics in the wrong way Put the cream of the face "Contour" and make places darker than other places in the skin, and the distribution of the "Bauder" evenly on the face, may appear pale and large in age, a lot of putting the foundation cream " Over the long term to the fatigue of the skin, and thus to dry and loss of freshness and youth. Frequent use of the "concealer" to hide dark circles around the eyes makes you look older. The use of dark-colored "bleach" highlights wrinkles in the skin and loses its youth.

3 - Using the extensions of the wigs "Accentchen" Some girls resort to the use of links to the wigs "Accentchen", but these links in the long term exposure to many health problems and j cause hair loss in a short period.

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