Donald Trump declares recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
The US president has just announced recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a new step that is hampering the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israeli government.

This came after Trump's meeting with his administration team at the White House, which Trump told reporters before the meeting that his decision on Jerusalem came after a long study and thought, and that the decision was "too late" as he described it.

He said that Jerusalem today is a symbol of the Israeli government, the site of the prime minister and the prime minister of Israel, and all the Israeli ministers, in which all guests and heads of various governments are interviewed.

"Jerusalem is not only the heart of three ancient religions, but it is the heart of the most successful democracy to coexist among many religions," Trump said during his speech at the Washington Press Conference. "Jerusalem today must remain the place where Jews can be invited, Christians and Christians worshiped, "We finally recognize the obvious thing: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and it is clear and must happen."

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