Egyptian actress Dora participates actor Mohammed Ramadan Zain series
One of the paradoxes of this year's Mohammed Ramadan series, titled "Zain", written by Mohamed Abd El-Moaty and produced by Gamal El Adl, directed by Yaser Samy, is that Tunisian artists occupy the roles of women's championships. 

The artist Salwa Khattab has signed a contract to embody the role of Mohammed Ramadan's mother while embodying his wife's role.

This series combines the star Mohammed Ramadan with the writer Mohammed Abdul Muti for the second time, after the great success achieved by the two together in the series "Legend", which was presented during the season before Ramadan.

The director Yasser Samy is currently continuing to nominate the other participating artists and inspecting the places of filming, while the cinematographer Mohammed Abd El-Moaty continues to write the second half of the series.

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