Egyptian MP Anisa Hassouna narrates her story with cancer

Egyptian MP Anisa Hassouna narrates her story with cancer
    Egyptian MP Anisa Hassouna narrates her story with cancer
    Anisa Hassouna is a writer, political researcher and certain deputy in the Egyptian House of Representatives. Born in Cairo on January 22, 1953, she is the former Executive Director of the Majdi Yaqoub Foundation for Cardiology and Research. 

    She holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University.

    MP Anisa Hassouna, in a state of intense crying, entered the story of her struggle with cancer, explaining that as soon as she discovered her illness, she looked at her children and grandchildren every day and every moment, saying: "I preferred my son to my children and my grandchildren, so I hope for them in kind." 

    "I was asking myself whether I was fed up with my children and my grandchildren, or that the opportunity was not enough to satisfy them and their tenderness," Hassouna said during her interview with Mona Shazly, , Pointing out that she decided to devote her time to help cancer patients and their treatment.

    She began her career as a diplomatic attaché in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and then worked for fourteen years in the Council of Arab Economic Unity - League of Arab States. She then served as the General Manager of the Egypt International Economic Forum, then the Misr Iran Development Bank as Assistant Director General, and later served as Director General of Egypt's International Economic Forum. 

    She is also a lecturer at the Diplomatic Institute of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Banking Institute of the Central Bank of Egypt. She has held several positions, including the treasurer of the IDEA International Advisory Board for the West Asia and North Africa region on democratization. 

    She also serves as a board member and treasurer The Egyptian Pugwash Society for Science and International Affairs, the Nobel laureate of 1995, is a member of several consultative bodies for thought, freedom and women in Egypt, the Arab world and the world. It is the founder of Women for Peace Across the World in Switzerland, A member of the advisory board of the Forum of Alternatives, a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egypt Foundation, which works to promote the values ​​of citizenship, freedom of expression and women's rights. She is a founding member of Think Tank for Arab Women "and a founding member of the Arab Forum on Citizenship in Transition.
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