Egyptian police fail attempt by international gang smuggling 6 tons of hashish coming from Syria
In one of the most powerful security strikes, the anti-drug and organized crime sector of the Ministry of the Interior foiled the plot of a dangerous gang to bring a large shipment of 6-ton cannabis into the country through the territorial waters of the Mediterranean on board a ship, Security, to abort dangerous agent schemes based on the import and smuggling of narcotic substances.

Information and investigations have been received by the General Directorate for Drug Control that the intention of one of the dangerous gangs to bring and smuggle a large amount of cannabis stored in the State of Syria into the country through the international waters in the Mediterranean Sea aboard a ship, and able to move and sail from the port of Latakia Syrian landing off the coast of Egypt , But the control of the Egyptian territorial waters prevented the implementation of their plan, forcing them to modify and planning to drop the shipment outside the security and legal scope of the Egyptian authorities, and targeted to enter Libyan territory and stored and then smuggled across Western land borders into the country in batches.

In light of the information available on the movement of the smugglers in the vessel and cargo in the southern part of Crete so that they can not be controlled by the Egyptian authorities, coordination has been coordinated with the Greek authorities and provided with information on the movement of the vessel to be controlled according to the legal framework. (6 persons with Syrian nationality). The inspection of the vessel resulted in the seizure of a total of 6 tons of cannabis drug hidden inside secret stores.

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