Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, secret pregnancy and double surprise: parents of twins
A few years ago, 'surprise weddings' became fashionable. Now, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have given a twist and impose a new trend: the 'surprise births'.

The last image of Anna Kournikova in public dates back to November 2016, in Miami, the city where the couple lives since their love began sixteen years ago. This absence of public life was not too surprising since, although they have formed one of the most stable and discrete couples of the star system, for some time both have preferred to live their relationship of doors inward.

With this confirmed news, another mystery remained unveiled. Why did not they attend the wedding, on the island of Mustique, of Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco? All the speculations in this regard come down before the evidence: about to give birth to Anna, and with the hours counted to be Father Enrique, the trip to the Caribbean became unfeasible for the couple.

Ana Boyer explained that, despite the good relationship she has with her brother Enrique, she had not been able to accompany them: "We were with him in Miami a few days before the wedding, of course we missed him very much, but we were equally well surrounded that we could not be happier, "revealed the daughter of Isabel Preysler in the pages of the magazine published on Tuesday December 12. A ceremony that this week returns to be cover and where we show you unpublished images and the best anecdotes of the wedding party of Ana and Fernando Verdasco.

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