Exemption of Dean of Faculty of Commerce Zagazig from dealing with the Examinations Committee
Dr. Khaled Abdel Bari, President of Zagazig University, confirmed that the members of the printing committee of questions in the Faculty of Commerce are still practicing their work in the printing committee of the questions after providing all the guarantees that help them in carrying out their work.

He added that he stressed that the Dean of the College did not deal permanently with the committee or the presence of the examinations of the First Division and assigned the Vice Dean for Education and students to fully supervise the examinations of the first band and deal with the Committee to print questions.

5 professors at the Faculty of Commerce Zagazig University submitted a memorandum to the Vice Dean for Education and Students requesting that they be exempted from supervising the college printing press, which will print the exams after they submitted a memorandum explaining that the Dean passed the exam papers on Tuesday 19 December, Who are performing the exam.

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