France: Emmanuel Macron rejects recognition of the State of Palestine

France: Emmanuel Macron rejects recognition of the State of Palestine
    France: Emmanuel Macron rejects recognition of the State of Palestine
    Such a move would be "not effective", said the President of the Republic, receiving Friday Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority.

    There will be no recognition of the State of Palestine by France, nor French or European initiative to break the deadlock of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Keen on his caution, Emmanuel Macron said Friday at a joint press conference with Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, after their meeting at the Elysee.

    "Is unilateral decision to recognize Palestine effective? asked the head of state in response to a question from Le Figaro. I do not believe. Because it would be a reaction "to the American decision" that has caused unrest in the region, "developed Emmanuel Macron. 

    "I would replicate an error of a similar type," he said, adding that he was not going to "build the choice of France in reaction" to US policy. The President of the Republic, however, rejected any "shyness" on this issue, while he invested heavily between Kurds and Iraqi Arabs or in the Gulf. "The spirit of method is not shyness," he insisted.

    The recent US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel provoked strong international reactions that led on Thursday to a rather broad condemnation by the UN General Assembly, even if the United States considered to have limited the breakage in exercise.

    More active role of the European Union and France

    After recalling the "confidence" he had in Emmanuel Macron and underlined that such a recognition, called for by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius was "an investment" for peace, Mahmoud Abbas declared that "we will not accept any plan from the United States because of the partisan spirit and because of the violation of international law", linked to the American decision. "In this, the United States has disqualified itself," said the Palestinian leader, who calls for a more active role of the European Union and France in particular.

    Despite this call of the foot, and while recognizing that "the Americans have been marginalized" after the decision of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron does not want to take risks by advancing ideas or an initiative, whose realization would be more than random. In Paris, it is officially declared to wait to know the content of the American peace initiative, supposed to accompany the recent decision of Donald Trump. This was precisely one of the reasons Mahmoud Abbas traveled to Riyadh just before coming to Paris.

    Asked about possible negotiations via Saudi Arabia on this future American peace plan, the head of the Palestinian Authority has kicked in touch, confining himself to recalling that King and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, close to Donald Trump and His son-in-law Jared Kushner, who was very active on the Israeli-Palestinian side, assured him that there could be no peace without a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital alongside Israel. In short, officially, everyone is waiting for this American initiative, before clearly marking its positions. And maybe take action for Emmanuel Macron.
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