Google celebrates Grazia Deledda: a doodle for the Nobel Prize writer

Google celebrates Grazia Deledda: a doodle for the Nobel Prize writer
    Google celebrates Grazia Deledda: a doodle for the Nobel Prize writer
    The December 10th doodle to remember the Sardinian writer who - the first Italian woman - won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. The anniversary in the day in which Stockholm and Oslo are awarded the 2017 recognition.

    It's been 90 years since Grazia Deledda won the Nobel Prize for Literature: she was the first Italian woman to receive the coveted recognition. Google celebrates it with an image in the doodle of December 10th, the very day in which the "awarding of the 2017 Nobel Prizes" is staged in Stockholm and Oslo.

    The Nobel Prize

    The writer, born in Nuoro, Sardinia, in 1871, was the first and only Italian woman to win the prize for Literature, the fourth woman ever. The prize was awarded to her "for her idealistic inspiration, written with representations of plastic clarity of the life of her native island, with a deep understanding of human problems". 

    The writer received the Nobel in 1927 although - technically - it was up to the previous year that had not been awarded because the commission of Academics, in 1926, had failed to find a candidate of value. she managed to enjoy this award only for a decade: he died in fact in 1936 due to a breast cancer.

    Her sources of inspiration

    Deledda was one of the most important writers of the twentieth century: exponent of realism and decadentism. SHe began to publish even before he turned twenty: her family and his environment were decisive in shaping her future as a writer. The father, a law graduate, entrepreneur and landowner, a sociable man with many friends, often the basis of inspiration for many of the characters in her novels; the wealthy family; her island and the landscape of Sardinia as a metaphor for the challenges her characters have faced. His work, which often touched on themes such as temptation and sin, was also criticized among traditional countrymen but the obstacles did not affect the writer.
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