Google rejects the US government's request to disclose the salaries of women
Google Inc., an official request by the US government, has refused to hand over a list of its employees' salaries to the US government as part of an investigation by the Ministry of Labor after the company has been accused of distinguishing men from women.

Google's lawyer said before the court that the judiciary should stop the lawsuit, which claims wage differences for all women in the company, stressing that the company should not provide information on salaries of men and women or disclosure of documents Wage policy until the first judgment.

There has been a lawsuit demanding that Google to hand over a list of salaries of its employees to the US government, as part of an investigation conducted by the Ministry of Labor after accusations of the company to distinguish men from women.

The judge's decision also requires the company to hand over information about thousands of employees who may be asked to speak within the investigation, while the judge has refused a request from the government to listen to some recordings, saying it violates the privacy of employees.

For its part, the US Justice Department says that such recordings will be used in the case, in the context of charges against Google, "the distinction between men and women in salaries.

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