Gornik Zabrze vs Lechia Gdansk Live Stream online Today 08 -12- 2017 Poland Ekstraklasa
Gornik Zabrze vs Lechia Gdansk Live Stream online Today 08 -12- 2017 Poland Ekstraklasa
Górnik Zabrze vs Lechia Gdańsk live. Where to watch TV and online broadcast?

In the first match there was a tie between teams and snipers. In Gdansk four months ago it ended 1: 1 after the goals of Paixao and Angulo. Now the second version of this competition. This time the hosts opening the table are more determined, and Lechia would not be a drawer in such a dangerous area. Only the Anguo - Paixao rivalry is a completely different category. There are no compromises, one wants to be better than the other.

Angulo is the undisputed leader on the list of first-class shooters, and Paixao is the king of the previous season. Striker Górnik was also the best then, but it is still in the first division. - The first season for the Spaniard in our league can always be more difficult, it takes time to acclimatize. In the following year, you can develop, show even more and it can be clearly seen on the example of Igor - emphasizes coach Marcin Brosz.

Paixao in Poland has been around for a long time and also impresses with its effectiveness. Both snipers of the current year have excellent. Marco scored 25 goals from February. and Angulo, including 32 Polish Cup matches. In terms of effectiveness, you can combine it with the greatest snipers without shame. The Spaniard shoots 0.91 in a match in 2017 for the match. Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski are better, and Edinson Cavani, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are similar in performance or even slightly worse. Of course, Angulo shoots only on Polish pitches, but he does it with a delightful consistency.

Striker Górnik assures that he is not very passionate about statistics. - I know it's my best year and season, but I also do not want to set any goal goals. I do not think about it, and as you can see it is so good, so I do not intend to change it - he quietly explains. However, his goals are so loud that even the idea of ​​transfer to Athletic Bilbao appeared, in which the former miner's ace learned to play football. The player responds to such reports in a cliché - there was no offer, so there is nothing to talk about, and at the moment he focuses solely on the game in Górnik. Nevertheless, there is a hint of hope in his voice. They know him in Bilbao, they carefully watch performances on Polish pitches, so it can not be ruled out that such an offer in the winter will actually appear. And for Angulo, such a perspective is certainly an important source of motivation.

Gornik Zabrze vs Lechia Gdansk 1:1

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