Ibrahim Abu Thouraya, symbol of Palestinian anger
Ibrahim Abu Thouraya, symbol of Palestinian anger. A 29-year-old protester, shot dead in Gaza in his wheelchair by Israeli fire, was elevated to the rank of hero.

It took just a few hours for Ibrahim Abu Thouraya's face to become the new emblem of Palestinian anger. 

Mid-afternoon Friday, the 29-year-old man was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier as he was demonstrating near the fence that encloses the small coastal enclave. 

Amputated from both legs by an IDF air strike on April 11, 2008, he had been traveling in a wheelchair ever since, but had not given up on defying the soldiers - essentially throwing stones at them, according to his entourage. 

"Every Friday, he was one of the most determined and courageous," assures Ahmed Soukkar.

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