Jennifer Lawrence changed her mind about leaving the movie
The actress signed a contract to shoot in the new creation of Luca Guadagnino. Jennifer Lawrence, who some time ago threatened to leave Hollywood and start farming, signed a contract to shoot in the new creation of Luca Guadagnino, known for the paintings "Big splash" and "Call me by your name."

The film "Funeral Rites", where Jennifer will play the last woman sentenced to death in Iceland, is based on Hannah Kent's book of the same name and tells the real story of Agnes Magnusdottir. In 1830, the authorities of Iceland sentenced her to death for killing the owner of the farm on which she worked.

 Agnes committed him out of jealousy, summoning two accomplices, who also paid for their crime with life. The film, like the book, will tell the story of the last days of Agnes, which she spent in the house of one of the local officials.

This year, the painting Guadagnino "Call me by his name" has every chance to become a triumphant for the Oscar, so it seems, for Lawrence on the horizon loomed another nomination for the Academy Award next year.

Recall, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that one day she was forced to pass a casting nude.

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