Jerusalem: Israeli stabbed at bus station. Hamas: 'Continue the Intifada'

Jerusalem: Israeli stabbed at bus station. Hamas: 'Continue the Intifada'
    Jerusalem: Israeli stabbed at bus station. Hamas: 'Continue the Intifada'
    'Jerusalem is the capital of Israel for 3 thousand years': these are the words of Israeli premier Nethanyau, who visited Macron at the Elysée. Botta and response with Erdogan, but the French president remains on his position ('Trump's decision is a danger to peace') and asks the Israeli premier 'a gesture for the Palestinians': 'Israel freezes the colonies'. The UN insists against the White House:

    'Compromises peace'. In Cairo, on the other hand, there was a sudden summit between the rais al Sisi, Palestinian president Abu Mazen and king Abdallah of Jordan.

    In Jerusalem, a 25-year-old Israeli security guard was stabbed in Jerusalem at the bus stop. The assailant is a 24-year-old Palestinian.

    The Palestinian protest against the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel continues today in the West Bank and on the borders of the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli television, incidents occurred this morning near Bethlehem and Hebron. In Tekoa, near Bethlehem, an Israeli woman was wounded by a stone thrown by Palestinians against the car she was traveling on.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that the total budget of the injured Palestinians is over 1,250 in recent days. Of the total, according to the same source, 150 were hit "by real ammunition". There were also clashes on the campus of Hebron University, where - according to the official Palestinian Wafa agency - "dozens of students were intoxicated with tear gas fired by Israeli occupation forces". La Wafa then added that the army "prevented university students from organizing a student march to Al-Quds Al-Khalil Street".

    France "disapproves of the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to transfer the embassy of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem": this is what the French presidency reiterates in a press release sent to the media while the bilateral meeting is underway. Elisha between Emmanuel Macron and Israeli premier Benyamin Netanyahu. The note also evokes the need for Jerusalem to become "the capital of two states, Israel and Palestine".

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today called Israel "a terrorist state" that "kills children", adding that it will fight "by all means" against the recognition by the United States of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. "Palestine is an innocent victim: as for Israel, it is a terrorist state, yes, a terrorist!", The Turkish leader roared in speaking to Sivas, according to media reports. "We will not leave Jerusalem in the hands of a state that kills children," he added.

    Israel has discovered, and made inoperative, a new Hamas military tunnel that from Khan Younes (center of the Strip) was forwarded for 200 meters in Jewish territory: said the military spokesman, Jonathan Conricus, explaining that the underground tunnel was equipped with "sophisticated systems" to allow passage to Israel and attack soldiers and the population. "We are not looking for an escalation - he added - but we must defend our civilians and we will not accept violations of our sovereignty".

    '' We appeal to our people to carry on the intifada and to resort to all means of resistance to oppose the occupiers '': this is the message released today on the web by Hamas with a poster showing his militia while holding a rifle. Referring to the killing of two of his militiamen in Gaza in an Israeli air raid, Hamas adds: '' The enemy will pay a heavy price by breaking the rules of the war on resistance. The next few days will demonstrate the enormity of his error ".

    "I respect Europe but I am not ready to accept its double standard", said Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu before leaving for France where today he will see President Emmanuel Macron and then continue to Brussels. From Europe - he added - "I heard rumors condemning Trump's historic decision, but not on rocket attacks against Israel and the terrible incitement against the Jewish state". "I do not accept - he concluded - this hypocrisy and I will present the truth of Israel on a high head".

    Trump called for calm and moderation after the day of violence in the Middle East, following his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. "The president - said a White House spokesman - hopes that the voices of hope will prevail over those who spread hatred".

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