Kelly Clarkson: "We were robbed last night"
About an unpleasant incident, Kelly Clarkson told a foreign publication. The singer's family is very frightened.

Kelly Clarkson was the victim of a robbery the other day. The unknown broke the lock and entered the singer's mansion in Los Angeles.

"We were robbed last night. It was crazy. When we returned home, everything was turned upside down, "- she told the magazine Extra.

On the journalists' question, if something valuable was missing, Kelly answered vaguely.

"We were least worried about matters of a material nature. This person was in the child's room, that's really strange "

In the rest of his life, Clarkson is developing successfully. In October, the artist released a new album. The Meaning of Life album was the eighth in its discography and the first full-fledged release from 2015.

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