Launch of a new Egyptian satellite "EGYPT SAT-A" from Russia

Launch of a new Egyptian satellite "EGYPT SAT-A" from Russia
    Launch of a new Egyptian satellite "EGYPT SAT-A" from Russia
    Dr. Hussein El-Shafei, head of the Egyptian-Russian Foundation for Culture and Science, revealed the intention of Cairo and Moscow to launch a new Egyptian satellite by 2019, stressing that the moon is in the final stage of industrialization.

    Al-Shafei said in a special statement to the site "Russia today: news, that the program launch of the new Egyptian satellite already signed and implemented between Moscow and Cairo a year and a half, indicating that it will be launched in the final months of 2018 or the first months of 2019.

     Dr. Hussein Al-Shafei said that the schedule for the launch of satellites in the whole year is announced on the site of Russian space agency "Roskosmos", and it will be clear whether the Egyptian satellite will be launched in 2018 or 2019.

    The satellite launch schedule will be issued by a Russian decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the head of the Egyptian-Russian Foundation for Culture and Science said. The satellite will be launched from one of the Russian space bases for the launch of satellites such as Baikonur in Kazakhstan.

    Al-Shafei stressed that "the former Egyptian satellite launched from the Baikonur base in Kazakhstan by Russia on 14 April 2014 and lost in 2015 was not a military satellite, but Egypt benefited from it." He explained that the remote sensing authority, Are due to be integrated into the Egyptian space agency soon.

     Al-Shafei confirmed that the new Egyptian satellite carries the same specifications as the previous Egyptian satellite, the Aegypt Sat-2, but the new moon has been modified by the name of "Egpt Sat-A", pointing out that the satellites are divided into 3 types, Communications, scientific research satellites and climate, or satellites for photography, and the new Egyptian moon dedicated to photography and hope to fill the needs of Egypt images that help in drawing up development plans and the preservation of borders.

     In the end, Dr. Hussein Al-Shafei added that the relations between Egypt and Russia are not based on interest, but rather on solid and strategic relations. Russia has committed itself to the new moon industry entirely at its own expense.

    Egypt had lost EgyptSat 2, Egypt's second remote sensing satellite after the first satellite, EgyptSat1, and launched from the Russian Baikonur base in the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 16, 2014. The launch of the satellite is part of the Egyptian space program, Space technology in Egypt, which is also aimed at acquiring and settling the technology of the space industry in Egypt to become its role and appropriate place in this field.
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