Liverpool vs Spartak Moscow Live Stream online Today 06 -12- 2017 UEFA Champions League , "Liverpool" has not yet decided their tournament tasks, so do not expect that today against the Moscow "meat" will enter the field of Merseyside youth. The victory of "Spartacus" will lower the Klopp team to the second place in the group, and the win of Sevilla in the parallel match over Maribor - which is quite likely - can leave Liverpool without the Champions League for the spring of 2018.

But the "reds" are just known as a club - a fan of thrill. For examples, it is not necessary to go far enough and just remember how Liverpool in the last Champions League game won Sevilla's first half 3-0, but in the end played in a draw. 

In the last ten matches, the Merseyside only left the field twice, scoring less than three goals for the fight. And the only case in almost three months when the British club did not score, was back in October in a match against a much more formidable than "Spartacus," Manchester United.

Muscovites, however, now also have something to answer. Team Carrera finally got out of the binge on the occasion of the championship and rushed forward if not for the second consecutive victory in the RPFL, then at least just for the leaders. 

Since mid-August, "red and white" lost only once - "Seville". Scored at least regularly, like Liverpool. Pass, however, is also stable.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some bookmakers of offices in such situations advise immediately to start to consider the total from 3.5. As for the favorite pair, until here analysts are almost two hundred percent confident in the hosts.

Liverpool vs Spartak Moscow 7:0

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