Liverpool vs Swansea Live Streaming online Today 26 -12 - 2017 Premier League

Liverpool vs Swansea Live Streaming online Today 26 -12 - 2017 Premier League
    Liverpool vs Swansea Live Streaming online Today 26 -12 - 2017 Premier League
    In the final match at "Boksing Day" in the 20 round of the English Premier League, "Liverpool" will take "Swansea". The teams are now at different poles in the standings, but the motivation for both of them is huge.


    In the last round, "Liverpool" went on a visit to the "Arsenal", where the teams staged another thriller. In the course of the fight, the Merseyside players went ahead 2: 0, but immediately fell through the defensive. For five minutes, "Arsenal" scored three times. And yet the last word was left for the team of Jurgen Klopp. The exact blow Firmino allowed to take away a draw - 3: 3. Which is quite good for such a match.

    This draw was a result for "Liverpool" is the third in four previous rounds. In addition to "Arsenal" lost the "red" points also in the last two home games with Everton 1: 1 and West Bromwich 0: 0. In them, too, the Klopp team was an unqualified favorite. Although in general Merseyside do not lose in the championship for nine rounds in a row.

    As for home fights, so far, "Liverpool" at home did not lose, but lost points often playing in a draw. Thus, out of nine meetings at Anfield, five of them ended in tie-ins. And for the last seven home matches managed to beat only "Huddersfield" and "Southampton" with a score of 3: 0.

    Tournament situation does not leave the possibility for Liverpool to relax. So far, the Mersisatians in the fourth position. Chelsea are ahead four points away. Behind the back press "Tottenham" and "Arsenal", behind by two points.

    In the infirmary at the "Liverpool" Jordan Henderson, Alberto Moreno, Marco Gruyich and Nathaniel Kline.


    Failing the first round of the championship, "Swansea" before the last round said goodbye to Paul Clement. The resignation of the mentor "swans" had been asking for a long time, but the club's leadership believed in him to the last. In the last round, the actions of the Welsh club was led by Leon Britton. "Swansea" took "Crystal Palace" and in the end was content with only a draw result of 1: 1. The Welsh had a good control of the ball, but the attack looked all the same weak. The team has the weakest attack in the Premier League.

    Draw with Londoners did not change the layout in the standings, "Swansea" is still the last place, although in order to leave, you need to score not so much - four points.

    In the infirmary so far only Wilfried Boni. Kyle Noton, Kyle Bartley, Leroy Fur, Ki Sun-Yun and Roque Mesa have minor injuries - they are all the players of the base.

    Liverpool vs Swansea 5:0

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