Macron: We will not accept any peace plan of the United States

Macron: We will not accept any peace plan of the United States
    Macron: We will not accept any peace plan of the United States
    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris after the UN parliament.

    French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Elysee Palace this morning.

     Interview prepared by Yemen's initiative with Turkey and the United Nations General Assembly on member states "to establish diplomatic missions in Jerusalem to refrain from" calling the decision it took place after the adoption of the bill.

    The two leaders had already met in July. President Macron, who intends to maintain contacts with the parties rather than intervene in the Jerusalem issue, also hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on 10 December.

    The two leaders held a joint press conference after the 1.5 hour reception at the Elysee Palace. Mahmoud Abbas, who stated that they are satisfied with the black out of the UN, explained that the US "can not accept any peace plan" in the Israeli-Palestinian affairs of the Palestinians from now on "the loss of credibility" by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    Recalling that the Palestinian leader did not support the US decision, French President Emmanuel Macron explained that the US was lonely in the Israeli-Palestinian file with the decision on Jerusalem and that he would not be unilaterally recognizing the Palestinian state, for it would not be effective.

    Stating that there is no solution other than a two-state settlement on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, President Macron said France would be in favor of Palestine as a friend. "Palestine is not alone. Macron will visit Palestinian territories in 2018, he said.
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