Mahmoud Al - Khatib and his list win the Egyptian Ahly Club elections

Mahmoud Al - Khatib and his list win the Egyptian Ahly Club elections
    Mahmoud Al - Khatib and his list win the Egyptian Ahly Club elections
    The judicial committee supervising the elections of the Ahli Club for the session from 2017 until 2021 won Mahmoud Al-Khatib's seat at the head of Ahli Club, after winning 20,956 votes, compared to 13,182 for Mahmoud Taher, while Mohammad Thabit received 30 votes and Alhami Ajina 28 votes.

    The Judicial Committee confirmed that the number of attendance was 36,993, the correct votes 34139, the invalid votes 2746 votes.

    He won the seat of Vice President General Farouk B 19923 votes, while winning the seat of the treasurer Khalid Aldrindly with 2,1857 votes.

    The elections resulted in the election of Mohammed Al-Jarhi and Mohammed Serageldin as members of the Council under the age of Muhannad Magdy, while winning over the age of Khaled Murtaja and Mohammed Al-Dumaty, Rania and Alawani, Ibrahim Al-Kafrawi, Jawhar Nabil, and Tareq Kandil.

    The Ahli elections were held amid fierce conflict between all candidates, especially between Mahmoud Tahir, the current president of the club and the wonderful mover in the club over the past years, and Mahmoud al-Khatib, who is popular as a famous soccer star and his good electoral program. 4 candidates: Mohammad Thabit Mohamed Othman Fadlallah, Elhamy Ahmed Abdel Latif Gad Agina, Mahmoud El Khatib and Mahmoud Taher. In the vice president's seat, Mustafa Mourad Fahmy (Mahmoud Taher's list), Al-Amery Farouk (Mahmoud Al-Khatib's List) The Fund The blood of both: Full Zahir (List Mahmoud Taher) and Khaled Aldrndly (list of Mahmoud al-Khatib).

    The candidates were: Jawhar Nabil Jawhar Mohammed, Ibrahim Kamel Kamel Al-Kafrawy, Khalid Abdul Mohsin Kamel Mortaghe, Mohammad Omar Mohammed Al-Damati, Tarek Hassan Abdul Hamid Hassan Kandil, Rania Amr Mostafa Alwani (Mahmoud Al-Khatib's List) and Hani Salah Mohammed Sari El Din, Mohamed Yahya Mustafa Issa, Mohamed Gamal Ahmed Mohamed Halil, Hamdy Mohamed Ali El Keneissi, Khalid Adel Abdo Habib and Ihab Mohamed Mady Mohamed Othman (Mahmoud Taher's list), while Khaled Suleiman Abu Ela Eid, Nader Mohammed Hamada, Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Saad Eddin, Ahmed Zaky Khalil Ibrahim, Hisham Fawzi Mohamed Ali, Ayman Fathi Mohamed El Morshedy and Mona Abdel Karim Selim.

    As for the position of less than 35 years, 9 candidates were submitted: Mohamed Gamal Abdel Qader El-Garhy, Mohamed Zakaria Obaid Serageldin, Muhannad Magdy Mohamed Abdel Aziz (Mahmoud El Khatib List), Sherine Hany Mohamed Hussein Mansour, Marwan Hisham Mohamed Fouad and Ahmed Mostafa Mohamed Abdel Al-Qadir (Mahmud Taher's list) while he is running for the position of membership under the age of independent, both Hossam Eddin Mustafa Hassan Mohammed Ali, Omar Mohammed Rabie Yassin Mohammed and Mohamed Said Abu Fath Fathallah.‬
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