Minister of Antiquities inaugurates the first phase of the library of St. Catherine Monastery
The opening of the first phase of the Saint Catherine Library and the mosaic of the main church's mosaic today is a message of safety and peace for the whole world, said the Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khaled El Anani, during his opening speech.

The opening ceremony was attended by Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, Minister of Local Development Hisham Al-Sharif and a number of ambassadors of foreign countries in Egypt and members of the House of Representatives.

Al-Anani added that this great gathering in the monastery, which was keen to attend today, is only a confirmation of concerted efforts and close and continuous cooperation between all concerned parties in order to complete the archaeological projects in Egypt to preserve its heritage and civilization, which was evident in this project, In recent times in one of the most important religious places, the monastery of St. 

Catherine, that holy place built on the spot of purity that Naji Prophet Moses Rabbo and received the panels of Sharia, which is unique architectural and artistic components made by one of the most important monasteries in the world It is one of the Egyptian registered on the World Heritage list of sites (UNESCO) since 2002.

On the library of St. Catherine monastery, Anani said that the eastern half of the monastery has been developed. It is considered one of the most important libraries attached to the monasteries because it contains rare manuscripts and books. 

It contains about 6,000 manuscripts, among them religious, historical, geographical and philosophical manuscripts, as well as thousands of books dating back to the 4th century AD.

The restoration of the mosaics is also one of the oldest, most beautiful and largest mosaics in the Middle East at all. It dates back to the ninth century AD and covers an area of ​​about 46 square meters, where it used the best technical and creative skills and was decorated with small pieces painted with precious materials such as gold and silver. He had signs of damage, so restoration was an urgent need to preserve it.

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