Mohamed Salah leads Liverpool against Spartak Moscow
Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp and Spartak Moscow coach Massimo Carrera announced the formation of the two teams for the upcoming match at Anfield Road in the last round of the group stage.

The formation of Liverpool saw the presence of the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah, where he hopes to continue the Egyptian star brilliance with the Reds, to lead the team to the role of the 16, while the formation of Spartak Moscow presence left-back Georges Dzekia, who will monitor Mohammed Salah in the game, which Which is also expected to be monitored in the match between Egypt and Russia in the next World Cup.

The formation of Liverpool as follows:

The formation of Liverpool as follows:

Goalkeepers: Lucas Carrios

Defenders: Joe Gomez, Ragnar Klafan, Diane Lovrin, Alberto Moreno

Midfielders: Imre Kane, Giorgione Finaldum, Philippe Coutinho

Attack: Sadio Mani, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Fermino

The formation of Spartak Moscow as follows:

The formation of Spartak Moscow as follows:

Goalkeeper: Silikov

Defense: Ashchenko, Tuski, Bukiti, Dzikia

Midfield: Fernando, Glushakov, Zupnin, Promis

Attack: Louise Adriano, Zoe Lewis

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