Ratiba El-Hefny Google Doodle: the 86th anniversary of the birth of Egyptian international opera singer
Google celebrates the 86th anniversary of the birth of Ritaiba Al-Hefni is an Egyptian artist, an international opera singer and the dean of the Arab Music Institute in Cairo. 

She is also the first woman to hold the position of director of the Cairo Opera House in Cairo.

Born in Cairo in 1931, Al-Hefni was born in a musical family. Her father Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Hafni has more than 45 books on music and was the first to introduce music in Egyptian schools.

 Her grandmother was also a German opera singer. She won the pianist at the age of five. She also studied music in Berlin and Munich.

Upon her return to Cairo, she sang in Operetta, the widowed widow in 1961. She also starred in the opera Aida Verdi in Paris.

She was awarded the "State Award for Arts in the Arts" by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Culture, 2004.

She died on Monday 16/9/2013 at the age of 82 years


Demonstrator at the Higher Institute of Music Teachers 1950.
President of the Egyptian Opera House (June 1988 - March 1990).
President of the Arab Music Society of the League of Arab States.

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