Raul Castro will cede the presidency of Cuba in April 2018
Raul Castro will no longer serve as president in April 2018. The 86-year-old Cuban head of state will cede his presidency in April 2018.

The Cubans were called to ballot on November 26 for municipal elections, the first step in a series of elections leading to the appointment of the successor of Raul Castro. The second round took place on December 3rd.

At the beginning of 2018, some 600 deputies of the National Assembly will be elected. The latter will in turn elect the Council of State, then responsible for appointing the president, probably at the end of next February.

Holder of the post since 2008 after a two-year interim, Raul Castro had already announced that he would not seek a new term. His first vice-president and number two of the government, Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57, is expected to succeed him.

The Cuban Communist Party (CCP), a single party, does not formally present candidates, but oversees the entire process and guarantees, through its influence and the vote of its activists, that no opponent is nominated or elected.

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