Russian Federation Council announces presidential election 18 March 2018
Russia will hold presidential elections on March 18, 2018, the Russian Federation Council announced on Friday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his candidacy for the upcoming Russian presidential election, where Putin holds his annual press conference, which is covered by more than 1,600 Russian and foreign journalists this year, especially as it is the last conference in his third term, Russia said on Thursday.

Responding to the first question posed by journalists, President Putin reiterated his assertion that his election program would reflect his vision of Russia's continued renewal and a technology-based economy.

As for his electoral program, he pointed out that he will not reveal it now, and summarized that he will focus on the development of infrastructure, education and health and improve the productivity of labor in order to increase the income of citizens in Russia.

In the run-up to the upcoming presidential election, whether he is independent or representative of the "United Russia" party, revealed that he will run the election "independent candidate."

Putin explained that the Russian government's concerns are at the forefront of the development of infrastructure, especially roads and railways in Russia, especially in the province of Kaliningrad. The ultimate goal of our development priorities, increasing the income of the Russian citizen and finding additional sources for this increase.

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