Spartacus is 101 years old: happy birthday Kirk Douglas

Spartacus is 101 years old: happy birthday Kirk Douglas

    Spartacus is 101 years old: happy birthday Kirk Douglas
    The great actor remembering that "Spartacus", his most beloved film, was shot largely in Italy says: My best memories are in Rome, when I worked with Dino De Laurentiis, I loved that time. People, music ... If I could travel again, the first place I would go to Rome would be "

    "The secret to living for a long time? Finding the right woman". Word of Kirk Douglas, the stainless Hollywood star who turns 101. And he explains: "I was lucky enough to meet the woman of my life 63 years ago and I think that our marvelous marriage and our night talks helped me to survive". 

    Douglas confesses his great passion for cinema: "I love my profession, just as children like to play cowboys and Indians, in a sense when you play, you keep playing". 

    And when asked if he misses the set, he replies: "Actually, I did ninety films, many ugly, many beautiful, it was nice to work, I was Spartacus, I was a murderer, I was Van Gogh, I was so many people All the life to play other parts.Finally now I find myself ". 

    Then referring to "Spartacus", the most beloved film, remembering that most of it was shot in Italy says: "Rome, Rome! I've been in almost the whole world but Italy is my favorite place. the court to my wife in Italy My best memories are in Rome, when I was working with Dino De Laurentiis, I loved that time so much ... people, music ... If I could still travel, the first place I would go would be Rome ". 

    Douglas then regrets the past time and says not to watch more films: "The film industry no longer exists: today it's all on television, I mean, big screen and dark room are about to disappear, with inevitable effects on the product itself. 

    then I do not know anybody anymore ... My name is Kirk Douglas, easy to pronounce, no strangeness: today everyone has names that I can not even pronounce, all strange! " Kirk Douglas has always had a great passion for writing. When he had 'only' 72 he wrote his autobiography, naming it "the son of the seller of rags". 

    Spartacus is 101 years old: happy birthday Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas - born in Amsterdam, New York, December 9, 1916. - he graduated in Arts and then graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. After serving the United States Navy during the Second World War, he began working in the theater, also acting on Broadway, where he was cast by Guthrie Mc Clintic. His first film interpretation is that of a young district attorney in the film "The strange love of Marta Ivers" (1946); later he also recites in brilliant roles, however the comedy is not suited to its characteristics, more suited to strong, cynical, "hard" roles. 

    Conquests the public's interest by playing the part of an athletically strong boxer, but of poor human qualities, in "The Great Champion" (1949); the final success, however, comes with "The ace in the sleeve" by Billy Wilder (1951), where Douglas is Chuck Tatum, an unscrupulous journalist who speculates on the drama of a miner trapped after the collapse in a mine, followed by "Pietà" for the just by William Wyler (1951), in which he plays a ruthless policeman and "Il bruto e la bella" (1952) by Vincente Minnelli, in the role of a producer with a heart of stone. In 1954 he founded his own production company called Bryna Productions (from the mother's name), with which he realized his greatest hits as a protagonist. 

    In 1956 he played the role of the painter Vincent van Gogh in the film "Brama di vivere" directed by Vincente Minnelli, while in 1957 he was one of the masterpieces in his filmography, "Horizons of Glory", a strongly anti-militarist film directed by the young Stanley Kubrick. Also directed by Kubrick, Douglas will play the "Spartacus" kolossal in the role of the protagonist in 1960. 

    He was also an excellent performer of westerns, in particular "The Great Sky" (1952) by Howard Hawks and "Challenge to the OK Corral" (1957): in the latter he beautifully portrayed the character of the doctor Doc Holliday, alongside by Burt Lancaster as Sheriff Wyatt Earp. Douglas received three Oscar nominations, without ever winning. Only in 1996 he was awarded an Oscar for his career. 

    On January 16, 1981 he received the prestigious US civil honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Jimmy Carter. Douglas played his penultimate film, "Vizio di famiglia" (2003) alongside Michael, in the roles of father and son.
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