Terror in Manhattan, arrested a man: he wanted to blow himself up

Terror in Manhattan, arrested a man: he wanted to blow himself up
    Terror in Manhattan, arrested a man: he wanted to blow himself up
    Mild explosion that wounded the same man: used a rudimentary device. The arrested person is 27 years old from Bangladesh

    Terrorism alarm in New York, where a rudimentary bomb exploded near Times Square. According to initial information, the bomb would have hurt only the person carrying it, which has now been arrested. This would be a 27-year-old man, Akayed Ullah, originally from Bangladesh: he lived in Brooklyn and probably would have been inspired by ISIS's actions. Some sources speak of a second wounded, but in a slight way. The New York authorities said it was an attempted terrorist attack.

    The explosion was felt around six thirty in the morning in New York (1.30 pm in Italy), in an underground subway between line A and 1, near the bus station of Port Authority, a nerve center of the public transport in the city. The terminal is located on 42nd Street in the West Side of the city, and is very busy especially during the hours when passengers go back and forth from work.

    The police and firemen immediately intervened, blocking access to the roads near the explosion site. According to the first fragmentary information the bomb was a "pipe bomb", that is a rudimentary bomb, and it would have broken out by mistake.

    The person carrying it, in essence, had another goal in mind, but could not reach it. The blast would only hurt the manager, who was then arrested. The man was wearing the bomb connected with the wires, like an explosive vest: according to the authorities he wanted to make a suicide attack.

    According to the first information gathered in New York, the motivation of the gesture could be sought in a response to the announcement of Trump on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. The arrested man confessed to having prepared the bomb in the electronics store where he worked.

    "There is no other threat at this time in the city of New York," the mayor, Bill de Blasio, declared in a press statement. "This is New York, our reality, the one we have to deal with. We are an international target, "added the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo.
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