The arrest of the mall girl after a false suicide video
Informed sources said that it is expected that the arrest of "the girl of the mall" in the coming hours on charges of spreading false rumors and the general public mood after broadcasting a false video about suicide

Samaya Obeid, known as "The Girl of the Mall," a video on her Facebook page to try to commit suicide.

She looked toxic in the cameraman in a pitiful condition as "narcotic," declaring that she would die. "I was struck by death," she said. "I'm not sorry. I feel with my heart beating hard."

"I love you, and I'm sorry because I love you," she told her mother.

"She is desperate and does not know what to say and she is not sorry for anything, and she can no longer see herself on any screen even if she is on her mobile phone screen, so she is now saying goodbye."

After hearing toxic videos and watching them on their pages, the girl was taken to hospital for treatment, after it was found that she had taken a dose of a drug that causes depression.

"You are very dirty and cruel and the country is not living," she wrote in another post on her Facebook account.

It is noteworthy that the issue of toxicity was preoccupied the Egyptian public opinion after being harassed by a young man in a mall in Egypt more than a year ago, and then the same young man attacked and written off her face last October. The defendant is scheduled to attend a trial on December 19 in the case.

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