The Catholic Church mourns the martyrs of Helwan Church

The Catholic Church mourns the martyrs of Helwan Church
    The Catholic Church mourns the martyrs of Helwan Church
    The Coptic Catholic Church in Egypt, headed by Patriarch Abraham Isaac, martyrs of the duty of the police and martyrs of the faith who were deported in the painful incident, Friday, after an attempt to blow up the church of Marmina in Helwan.

    Father Hany Bakhoum, Undersecretary of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate, said that the church is due to His Holiness Pope Twadros II of Alexandria, the Patriarch of St. Mark and the entire Egyptian people.

    He stressed that the Coptic Catholic Church stands by the Egyptian state in its war against terrorism, pointing out that this incident will not extinguish the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ and the promised promise of salvation for mankind.

    Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Ahmad Emad Eddin Rady, announced the death toll of 10 people and the injury of 5 others, following an armed attack by unidentified persons on the church of Mermina in Helwan, Cairo Governorate.

    "Mujahid," in a statement issued just before, that the cases of Al-Nasr hospital for a policeman suffering from liver damage and internal bleeding, is being transferred to the police hospital in Agouza, and a person suffering from broken open and torn left shoulder and needs urgent surgery, The situation at the Helwan General Hospital is now subject to surgical intervention, while the two hospitals are under examination and identification of their injuries.

    The Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Ahmed Emad Eddin Rady, the Minister of Health and Population, his adviser to nurses and emergency workers and the supervisor of the ambulance service, Dr. Sherif Wadih, went to the hospitals where the cases are treated and reassured. Dr. Khaled Mujahid pointed out that the Minister directed the lifting of the state of readiness for the maximum level in all hospitals in the Republic. Medicines and medical supplies, and the readiness of hospitals to receive any cases.
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