The great pyramid of Egypt: we reveal the mystery of the secret chamber
Hidden chambers, corridors, rooms ... there are several discoveries found in the pyramid of Egypt. An investigation has revealed the existence of a camera in the heart of the building of Ancient Egypt. 

What mysteries do you harbor? How has the discovery of the secret chamber been reached? We reveal the latest findings about the first wonder of the world.

Nacho Ares, Egyptologist and historian, told us about the technique of observing the muons or cosmic rays that has been used to make an interior radiography. It is the first time that the structure of one of the pyramids is successfully revealed. The particles of the cosmic rays, which can modify the speed, act like a radar inside the solid blocks.

Researchers agree on the revelation of a third chamber hitherto unknown to the world. Thanks to the technique used for its investigation, it has been possible to reveal the existence of nooks and crannies hidden in the bowels of the archaeological monument.

The great expectation around the Pharaonic mysteries supposes the commotion of the mediatic world. The Egyptian authorities question the discoveries of archaeologists and researchers. José Miguel Parra, doctor in Ancient History, tells the discovery of the cavity of the pyramid and other discoveries found throughout history.

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