The success of the first Disney Festival in Tunisia

The success of the first Disney Festival in Tunisia
    The success of the first Disney Festival in Tunisia
    The Tunisian capital has lived through the period between 24 and 26 November 2017 on the occasion of the first Disney Festival in Tunisia amid a huge crowd of more than fifteen thousand visitors filled the cinema halls in the capital to keep up with more than thirty in the world of Disney Wonderland and a musical presentation was held in front of windows Closed.

    For the first time in Tunisia and Morocco, the festival witnessed the attendance of Mickey Mouse, Disney's most famous figure who took advantage of this attendance to visit children at Charles Nicole Hospital.

    The festival's revenues collected during this year's session will be allocated as planned from the beginning for the benefit of the children of SOS, Tunisia's Children's Village.

    Exceptional programming

    "COCO" was selected as the opening film of the first Disney Festival in Tunis, before it was launched today in the cinema halls in Tunisia, with revenues of nearly $ 50 million in its first week. "COCO" is ranked first in the United States. Mexican and Mexico's charming colors turned this bar in a short time frame into the "phenomenon" captured by adults before the young.

    Within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Women, Family and Children, Walt Disney France, the Al-Qubantini Complex and the Tunisian National Organization for Childhood, more than 600 children living in the village of Sos Tunis attended the first Disney Festival in Tunis, where they took the lead in presenting the first show of "COCO" Arabic.

    Throughout the festival, the hamburgers, the beautiful, the kolizian, the salsa, the blacks, the world and the Tunisians were the turn of the Tunisians, who turned in large numbers to cope with the various events that included Disney's great thrillers such as King Lion, Real like "The Beautiful and the Beast" and "The Rugby Rabbit Skin Wants"

    Unprecedented artistic ceremony

    On November 25, the French artist, "Cerise Calixte," staged an unprecedented artistic concert, which owes its title to the song "Le Bleu Lumière", one of the Disney songs / beacons accompanied by a number of Django Reinhardt school musicians from Tunisia. The concert is an occasion to retrieve the music of Disney, which is engraved in the audience's imagination.

    Keep up with the extensive model lesson
    A large number of animation students accompanied a typical lesson entitled "From Mickey to Coco: Ninety Years of Technological Innovation in the Service of Animation" by Sébastien Durand, an expert on animation at Disney France. The lesson was presented free and open to the students of the city of Tunisia, but this did not prevent openness to the public at large and provided explanations of the stages of the evolution of cinema stirring through history.

    An atmosphere of happiness, suspense and laughter accompanied the first edition of the 2017 Disney Festival in Tunisia.
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