Turkish Paresh Arduch's fans storm his house late and cause "burger"!
In a move described by the Turkish newspapers as insanity, a group of admirers of the Turkish star Paresh Arduch, a restaurant worker in the Levant area, visited the house of the artist and managed to break into his privacy late !.

The situation began with Parish's request for a Burger meal from a restaurant. For a bad moment, a restaurant worker told the delivery driver that the request was for Paresh Arduch, where a group of Turkish star fans listened to the talk while they were inside the restaurant.

The fans decided to follow the driver, and they arrived at the artist's house. They waited until the Turkish star came out to take his request and stormed his house. Paresh Arduch only responded to their request to shoot with them.

Paresh Arduch is currently showing him the second season of "Love for Rent" on the mbc4 screen, as he recently made the movie "Time of Happiness" at the Turkish movie theaters, the two of which are starring Turkish star Elchin Sanjo.

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