Ukrainian X-factor 8 season 16 season: "Heels on the paving stones" and Elena Zueva left
Ukrainian show "X-factor" 8 season has already completed the search for unique voices of the country. On December 16, the sixth live broadcast took place on the STB channel. In the 16th issue of the show left the group "Heels on the paving stones" and Elena Zueva.

During the X-Factor season 8 season, the 16th edition of the project judge - Nastya Kamensky, Oleg Vinnik, Dmitry Shurov (PIANOBOY) and Andrey Danilko - chose the best of the best who will fight for victory in the project in the future.

According to the rules of the show, during live broadcasts, each of the participants performs one song, but their fate is no longer decided by judges, but by spectators. Voting will be held in two stages. After the end of all the performances, the spectators have exactly one hour to vote for their favorite. According to the results of the voting, during the 16th edition of the X-Factor show, two participants appeared in the risk zone: Dasha Stupak and Elena Zueva.

Based on the results of the audience's voting, the show was immediately left by the group "Heels on the paving stones".

But the other two participants can continue to participate in the show by singing "songs for life". Each of them performed one song to prove that he should stay on the project. After that, the audience has 15 more

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