Venezuela: Maduro wins municipal, but without opposition

Venezuela: Maduro wins municipal, but without opposition
    Venezuela: Maduro wins municipal, but without opposition
    The socialist party of Nicolas Maduro has swept the municipal elections in most of the cities of the country, even if the vote has weighed the boycott of almost all opposition. 

    The same head of state, during a rally in which he announced his triumph, warned that the parties that did not take part in the vote will not be able to do it anymore and will disappear from the political map. So he actually pushed them out of next year's presidential elections.

    Maduro is, therefore, left alone in command. He managed to eliminate all the opposition. With arrests, accusations, threats, retaliation. But he was clever: he exploited the contrasts and personalisms that divide the now former Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) and has in fact outlawed the main parties that composed it. 

    After the overwhelming victory of yesterday in the municipal elections, where he won 300 of the 335 administrations to be renewed, he announced that Primero Justicia, Voluntad Popular and Accion Democrática, the three main opposition groups, will be excluded from the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for December 2018 .

     The opposition has lost strongholds like Maracaibo and the district of Sucre, in the Caracas area.

        The turnout was 47%, down more than ten points compared to the session four years ago. Furthermore, three of the four major opposition parties renounced presenting their candidates, accusing the authorities of irregularities and frauds during the last elections for governorates. The vote of the municipal elections was the last before the presidential elections, next year, in which Maduro expects to be re-elected, despite its strong unpopularity, especially due to the poor economic conditions of the country, with the lack of primary goods as food and medicines. While the opposition accuses him of having turned Venezuela into a dictatorship, with prison to dissidents and creating institutions in his image.
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