Voter turnout in Catalonia up sharply compared to 2015

Voter turnout in Catalonia up sharply compared to 2015
    Voter turnout in Catalonia up sharply compared to 2015
    INTERNATIONAL - It's D-Day. This Thursday, December 21st, the Catalans must decide whether the separatists should return to power in their region, two months after the proclamation of a Republic of Catalonia stillborn that has shaken Spain. At 18 hours, participation was up sharply compared to the 2015 elections.

    Two hours before the closing of the polls, 68.32% of the voters had moved, against 63.12% at the same time in the 2015 elections, which had already mobilized many voters, with a final rate that had reached almost 75%.

    Mobilized by this crucial issue after weeks of anguish and tension, the Catalans formed long queues in front of polling stations under a winter sun, even before they opened at 9 am.

    The poll must be closed at 8 pm At mid-day, participation was around 34.7% at midday, slightly below (-0.4%) that of 2015.

    The polls provided for a strong participation of the 5.5 million voters who must renew their parliament after an atypical campaign, with candidates in prison or on the run in Belgium, like the former independence president dismissed Carles Puigdemont.

    One million undecided

    In a divided Catalonia, one million undecided voters can tilt the poll on one side or the other, although it seems unlikely that a training Thursday night has an absolute majority.

    In 2015, the separatists for the first time won a majority of seats in the Catalan parliament (72 out of 135), with 47.8% of the vote.

    In October, the separatists held a referendum of self-determination banned, marked by police violence, they claimed to have won with 90% "yes" and a participation rate of 43%.

    Then, on October 27, 70 Catalan deputies out of 135 proclaimed the independence of the "Republic of Catalonia".
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