Where is the 4G fastest service in the world?

Where is the 4G fastest service in the world?
    Where is the 4G fastest service in the world?
    The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was named the American city with the fastest 4G service, slightly ahead of Detroit, Michigan.

    According to the British ibtimes website, Opensignal Internet Services conducted a test of Internet speeds in the 35 largest cities in the United States over three months between July and September. The average download speed in Minneapolis was 21.5 megabytes per second.

    While the Midwest was the strongest, with Seattle, on the west coast, in third place, while Chicago and St. Louis came in fourth and fifth places respectively.

    On the other end, the tests revealed the 4 G speeds in Las Vegas, where the average speed of the popular tourist destination was about 11.65 Mbps, about half of what Minneapolis reached.

    In the United States, the fastest-growing city was 16.42 megabytes per second, with Los Angeles slightly less than 16.02 megabits per second, with Washington DC as its capital, struggling to reach 15 megabytes per second (14.9 megabytes per second).

    However, despite strong local download speeds, most US cities failed to match the global average, with only 14 of the 35 cities able to reach the best international standards for a speed of 16.6 megabytes per second.

    In the UK, fourth-generation speeds surpassed the world average, but they were still weak in countries such as Mexico, Romania and Serbia. The average speed in the UK was 22.01 megabytes per second, Singapore topped the world rankings with 46.64 megabytes per second.
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