Who was Marcelo El Chino González, the leader of La Nueva Luna

Who was Marcelo El Chino González, the leader of La Nueva Luna
    Who was Marcelo El Chino González, the leader of La Nueva Luna
    He was one of the great singers of the Argentine cumbia, leader of one of the best known local bands of the genre, and he never tired of filling stadiums, clubs and neighborhood clubs all over the country, thanks to his cheerful and romantic music. But behind the artist was man.

    Marcelo "El Chino" González, vocalist of La Nueva Luna, was found dead on Saturday night at his country house El Rocío, in the Canarian town of Canning. His body, according to it transpired, was found without life by the woman of the singer, Micaela Müller, of 25 years.

    Although the causes of death are still unknown, according to sources close to the case, Müller told the police officers who arrived at his home that his partner "had gone to bed early and had told him that he had taken something to be able to sleep".

    The certain thing is that, in the last months, González had carried out certain events that gave account of his presumed problems of addictions. On July 31 last, for example, the musician was hospitalized for a severe picture of "psychomotor excitement, after convulsive symptoms", after getting off a plane that brought him from Salta to Buenos Aires.

    On that occasion, there had been talk of possible drug intoxication. However, according to a statement issued then by the sanatorium La Trinidad de Quilmes, where El Chino was lodged after that transfer as a matter of urgency, no such information was mentioned.

    "González suffers from sleep Apnea and COPD, so it is necessary to continue under strict monitoring," said the statement. Meanwhile, the musician had written to his fans on his Facebook account: "I want to ask them to stay calm.

    After that confusing episode, El Chino continued with his usual performances on discos and clubs across the country.

    Last December 15, for example, La Nueva Luna was going to perform at a well-known cumbia party that takes place every Friday at a bowling alley in Palermo, but at the last moment it canceled the show.

    "The New Moon suspended its presentation, for the return of tickets, write us by inbox", announced that night the organizers of the event.

    The last show of Gonzalez with his legendary band, founded in 1995 and owner of many successes such as Illuminate, Heart of wood and I do not want to see you cry, took place this Friday December 22 at a disco in Lomas de Zamora located on Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue to 9400.

    That's where "El Chino" and his peers arrived and offered an extensive and lively show for his fans, who as usual received him with the cry of: "Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olá, La Nueva Luna is national feeling" .
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