8 Egyptian Technology Universities in 2018 to link the technical education industry
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that a decision was issued to form the Supreme Council of Egyptian Technological Colleges to develop the general policy of education and training in technological colleges in light of the needs of the society. 

Abdul Ghaffar added in the statement of the executive plan for the new year 2018, that the law of the establishment of technological universities has been completed.

The Ministry aims at setting up (8) technological universities at the level of Egypt's governorates. During the 2018 academic year, it is decided to establish (3) technological universities, distributed between the New Cairo area and the city of Quesna in Menoufia and Beni Suef governorate.

Abdul Ghaffar said that the aim of the trend to establish universities is technology, to promote technological education in Egypt, and to link vocational and technical education in various industries. In the framework of the country's strategic plan to promote technical and technological education in Egypt, a number of meetings were held with ministers of education, technical education, trade and industry, tourism and agriculture.

As for the duration of the study, the Minister of Higher Education said that at first, the student studies two full years, enabling him to go out to the labor market in his field of study, and then he can return to study again.

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