Ammy Dolly Everett, 14 year old who committed suicide in Australia for bullying
The girl had lent her face, some years ago, to an advertising campaign of a company producing typical hats. The father on Facebook: "Who thought it was a game and felt superior to come to the funeral to realize the pain he created"

Ammy "Dolly" Everett took her life at age 14 after being bullied online. The Australian girl had become famous throughout the country for having lent her face a few years ago to an advertising campaign of Akura, a manufacturer of typical hats. To reveal the reasons for the extreme gesture, completed on 3 January, was in the following days Dolly's father, Tick Everett, in a long post on Facebook.

The man invited the bullies who tormented his daughter online to go to his funeral. "So you will realize - he wrote - what disaster you have combined. You do not have half the strength that my precious angel had - he wrote again - and which he also demonstrated in carrying out his tragic plan to escape the wickedness of this world ". 

"He will never know the pain he has left behind," adds Tick Everett, who concludes his post with a heartfelt appeal against bullying "because only in this way will the life of Dolly be wasted".

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