Archaeologists solved the mystery of the biggest chamber in the pyramid!

Archaeologists solved the mystery of the biggest chamber in the pyramid!
    Archaeologists solved the mystery of the biggest chamber in the pyramid!
    The mysterious huge cavity of over 30 meters in length, which was discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza, could hold the iron throne made of the ore of meteor.

    Archaeologists believe the throne is set in the pyramid to help Pharaoh on his way to the next life, writes the Daily Mail.

    A huge cavity was discovered at the beginning of November 2017 as part of a pyramid scanning project using radiography and 3D reconstruction, but archaeologists still do not see what this space has served.

    The cavity is shaped like a hallway and it is still possible to reach the height within the pyramid.

    The Keops Pyramid, built about 2550 BC, is one of the largest and most complex monuments in the history of architecture.

    It has three well-known interior spaces, which can be accessed through narrow tunnels, one of which, suddenly, suddenly spreads rapidly to the funeral chamber before it comes to the queen's quarters to form the so-called. A great gallery leading to the royal chamber.

    - The newly discovered room is located above the gallery, but there is no practical function of 'weight reduction' over it, because the roof of the gallery has already been built with a special technique precisely because of it - says Giulio Malji, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Professor of Archeoastronomy at Politekniko di Milano.

    He adds that by observing the thorn of Queen Hetheres, which was found in pieces and later reconstructed, it can be assumed that this throne should look.

    It is a low cedar cubicle covered with gold and ceramics. Keops's throne could be similar to that, only covered with thin iron plates.

    - There is a possible interpretation, which agrees well with what we know about the Egyptian religious funeral customs mentioned in ancient records. In these records it is stated that Pharaoh will have to go through the "door of heaven" before reaching the stars of the north and sit in his iron throne, Maly says.

    The Egyptians used meteoric iron to produce objects designed specifically for pharaohs, including the famous Tutankhamen dagger.
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