Austerity measures have led to strikes in Greece

Austerity measures have led to strikes in Greece
    Austerity measures have led to strikes in Greece
    Urban transport in Athens has not worked today and the provision of services across Greece has been hindered because trade unions are staging a protest against the new austerity measures demanded by creditors today voted by parliament.

    The unions suspended public transport in the Greek capital, and state schools and hospitals had problems working because professors and doctors participated in a strike. Dozens of flights were postponed or canceled because flight controllers left their jobs for three hours, reports agency.

    Three protest walks in downtown Athens have been announced for today.

    New reforms include tightening conditions for trade unions that want to strike, an accelerated procedure for confiscation of property and limitation of family assistance. They are crucial for Greece to get money from the assistance program.

    It is expected that the ruling nominally left-wing coalition will adopt a package of these measures. The opposition refused to support it.

    The new law on austerity measures has more than 1,500 pages and is likely to be the latest cost-cutting package and reforms before the aid program is formally completed in August.

    Greece has been dependent on extraordinary loans since 2010, mainly provided by eurozone members.
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