Borussia Dortmund vs Wolfsburg Live Streaming online Today 14-1-2018 Bundesliga
Borussia Dortmund vs Wolfsburg Live Streaming online Today 14-1-2018 Bundesliga, The first round of the championship was very difficult for this pair and left a lot of questions. Did Borussia and Wolfsburg manage to reorganize during the winter holidays?

Borussia Dortmund

A very powerful start and the subsequent catastrophe - this can briefly characterize the first round in the performance of Borussia. Indeed, under the leadership of the Dutch Bos, the Dortmunders fired at the beginning, then gradually they only lost confidence and rhythm. This led to the fact that in the Champions League "Bumblebee" in the playoffs did not hit, and in the championship already lose to the "Bavaria" 16 points. The coach was fired after a home setback with "Werder" (1: 2), replaced by Peter Shtoger of "Cologne". The arrival of the Austrian specialist so far helped - with him, Dortmund won two wins in the championship, beating Mainz (2-0) away and Hoffenheim (2-1) at home, but in the German Cup there was a start from Bayern (1: 2 ).


"Wolves" in the first half of the tournament earned the title of the most peaceful German team, having drawn 10 times in 17 matches, dividing the points literally with all successively. There could be serious "Leipzig" (1: 1) and "Schalke" (1: 1), but next - 0: 0 with "Hamburg" or defeat in the last round of "Cologne" (0: 1). In the end, having lost only four matches at the level with the leaders of the championship, Wolfsburg takes only 14th place, having three points of separation from the relegation zone.

Borussia Dortmund vs Wolfsburg 0:0

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