Brazil hands over Israel to Jewish settler Yashusha escaped after killing Palestinian
The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported that Brazil handed over to Israeli settler Yahshua Elitzor of Efrat, who fled the country 12 years ago after being convicted of killing a Palestinian. Yahshua Elitzor will now be brought to court to extend his detention.

In 2005, Yahshua Elitzor was convicted of killing Palestinian citizen Sayel Ashtiyeh in 2004 near the Beit Fourik checkpoint, towards the settlement of Elon Moreh.

According to the indictment, Al-Yatsur came out of his car carrying an M-16 rifle, ordered Shtayeh to stop and then shot him from a short distance and killed him. Ashtayeh was driving a transit car when the Yitsur approached him and drew the weapon to his face.

 According to one of the passengers in the car, Elitzur fired when Shtayeh eased the speed of the car and traveled at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Before Ashtiya could open the window and try to talk to him, the Yitsur fired at him.

During his trial, al-Yitsur claimed to have seen a car full of Arabs, passed through the scene and traveled very quickly on a dirt road.

He said: "If he has been at the checkpoint, he has a reason: he could have been armed and committed an operation ... They are controlling a lot with explosive belts." He claimed to have pointed the car to a halt, but the driver increased its speed. "The car came like a missile," he said.

He claimed that he had no escape, so he turned his gun towards the car and fired "in order to keep the danger away from my life ... It came to my heart to kill me ... I had no room to think or plan." But Judge Rosen rejected the defendant's claims to defend himself, saying that "the passengers' statements prove that the defendant shot the driver without any reasonable justification."

After his conviction, he fled the country before his verdict was handed down. In June 2015, he was arrested in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Israel submitted a formal request for his extradition, which took place after lengthy proceedings. "The international department in the prosecution has worked for years with the Interpol division of the Israeli police, all over the world, to locate and hand over the Yitsur to Israel," the prosecution said.

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